Spelio - toy library software

Faq (frequently asked questions)

What is Spelio?
  • Spelio is an application designed for toy libraries. It is user friendly, flexible and complete.
What versions of Spelio are available?
  • There is only one version of the application, which is flexible enough for any toy library. There are a few specific modules available to provide extra functions requested by toy libraries, for example to be able to print address stickers of your members for mailings.
Is it possible for Spelio to be used by more than one person simultaneously (on a network)?
  • Spelio has been designed with a multi-user situation in mind. With the basic license you can use it on four workstations at the same time. Additional workstations are possible for a fee.
Can I use a barcode reader with Spelio?
  • Yes, with the module 'Using a barcode reader' you can use a barcode reader to select members and toys, and navigate the software very fast. Using the keyboard and mouse will remain easy as ever.
Can we use the current codes we assigned to our toys?
  • Yes. Spelio assigns an unique code to each toy, but you can always change this.
What is so special about Spelio?
  • Spelio has been designed with cooperation and feedback from toy libraries. This has resulted in software that is flexible enough to fit perfectly into your toy library too. Its interface is simple enough to be used by anyone with some experience using keyboard and mouse in Windows. And we keep on improving it. Bytewings focuses on service and support. You can count on us to help installing Spelio. If possible, we will import as much of your current toy and member database for you.
Is there a limit to the total number of members or toys that can be entered into the software?
  • No, there are no limits to the amount of data that can be entered in any list in the software.
Can Bytewings supply me with the hardware I need too?
  • No. Bytewings only sells software. We have made this decision because we would have to sell you a brand new computer system, while an older (and cheaper) model would do fine for Spelio.
What database system is used for Spelio? Do we need to purchase a database system?
  • No, you don't need to purchase any other software to be able to use Spelio. It uses an application-specific, optimized file structure which allows for small file sizes and fast access times. This way you avoid the hassle and costs of licensing and installing other software, and keeping it up to date.
Can we import our current toy and member database into Spelio?
  • If you have your toys or members database stored digitally, we can try to import it into Spelio. We handle quite a few formats: dBase (dbf), Access (mdb), Excel (xls), plain text (txt, csv). Should you use another format right now, contact us to find out if we can import yours too.
    For this service you need a Plus service contract.
What support can we expect after installation?
  • With your installation package you receive a short manual with installation and startup information.
    For questions during starup you always can contact us.
    Do you want more support? In that case you probably want to conclude a support contract; with a support contract you can download software updates whenever a new version is available, smaller customizations of the software will be free, and your questions will be handled with high priority.
Can you customize Spelio to suit our specific wishes?
  • Probably. Just contact us (no obligations) to find out if it's possible and how much it will cost. These customizations and other modules may be ordered before or after you start using Spelio, without consequences for your data. Smaller modifications may be free if you have bought a support contract.
Can we try out Spelio before actually purchasing it?
  • Yes. There is a demo version of the software available. This demo is completely functional except for some limits on the amount of toys and members that may be entered. Contact us for a download code.
I have another question...
  • Just ask us and we will reply as soon as possible.